Hey There,

Anyone fancy a ride this Sunday, happy to ride up to 120 /150 if the weather is nice.or shorter.

Medium pace 23 / 25 kpm it depends on the ride.

I would rather leave early!


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Thinking of doing a similar distance but at a faster pace - 27-29 kph depending on elevation.. and weather

I don't think I can keep up...

Weather looks good on Sunday morning and happy to start at 8.30 if you want from Cadence Francesco.

Think I've got a better chance at your suggested pace than Frank's ;-)

How about going out further than last time? Maybe out towards Whitstable?

I am joining Deborah and Anne's ride!

Oh jees I was afraid you were going to say that ;-)

Well I'm sure I'll regret this but see you at Cadence at 8.30

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