Assuming the back continues to return towards normal levels of functionality -- am planning to go for a ride Sunday morning starting at 9 from the Lido

Rough plan is to cover at least 60k at a reasonable but not extreme pace. There are a few hills but the views more than compensate.

Route will be suitable for beginners (on non-shopping bikes)and promise I won't drop anybody (ed: that's because you can't now)

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No problem Fred and thanks for letting me know.

Ankles can take a while and it's not a good idea to irritate it if it's still inflamed. Good luck with it and know doubt the Holy waters of Sussex tri will be the final cure :-)
Well it was a lovely day for a bike ride Sarah, plus a trip to the Velodrome, checking out a woman specific bike only £6k at Cadence and a stop for orange and blueberry cake (two of the five a day - tick)

All good training
Might stick with my free bike for now but its good to know whats out there!.. Thanks for navigating was a lovely ride

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