I’m going for a 75-90k ride this Sunday, not fast (22k average) but some Kent hills, starting 8.30-9am. Currently going solo so if you fancy joining let me know please. It’s nicer and safer in company!

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Hi, I’m in and I can bring sunshine!
Ok, 9am at cadence then
Hi, I’ll be joining : ). 22km/h average is a fair good pace!
Cool, well after today’s cross country I’m thinking that 22 is quite ambitious tomorrow! The annoying cold I’ve been fighting off for some time seems not to like rain & mud either! Should it knock me down overnight I’ll let you know as early as possible tomorrow. For the time being I’m not giving up & all prep done for the ride :)

I see its cold and raining tomorrow so I think I will give it a miss in the morning but will go to Richmond around 11am when it has stopped raining.

If by some miracle its sunny in the morning - see you at 9am!

When I checked the weather on Friday it was all day sunny, and you are absolutely right - it shows rain till late morning now! Gesine & Luis - I will contact you early morning with an update. If it’s raining I’m inclined to leave later. Anything to avoid getting soaked wet and another cold - can’t afford sick days!
Happy to play it by ear (or rain)
I have faith that it will not rain! :-)
Rain clearing by 9am - see you bright eyes and bushy tailed at Cadence. Some chance of rain in Kent later this morning so perhaps bring something waterproof

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