While Raya is posing amongst the palm trees of Cuzumel, the weather here is slipping inexorably towards winter mode. Sunday is currently looking cold, clear and dry; perfect weather for a steady-paced jaunt to Windsor to sample the iced buns (don't have those in Cozumel, eh Raya?) I need to be back earlyish, so plan to leave the lido at 8:30am sharp and be back around 2:30pm. Meet there at 8:15am if you want to join. Ride is circa 120k, pace will average 25-27kph.

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I am in Charles!
Perfect plan, I'm in

Hi Gesine and Ellie,

are you defecting to Hector's killer 180k? I might pitch in with another group ride if no-one wants to go to Windsor.

According to the forecast Sunday morning will be frosty/icy. Bear in mind Windsor route likely to be ice free, rural lanes in Kent and Surrey less so.


I'll join you for the start but will turn around at 40km I reckon. 

OK Jake, will be nice to ride with you and catch up

Nice one Charles see you sunday 

Hi Charles, I’m staying with you so I have finishing times better under control. Sorry Hector!
I’m planning on joining you still too!

Hi Charles, I'm in for the rider tomorrow! 

sorry I can't join you tomorrow. Have a lovely ride.

OK Ellie, Gesine, Jake and Richard, see you at the lido 8:30am tomorrow.

Perfect winter ride to Windsor yesterday with Gesine and Jake under a blue sky; cold and sunny but no ice. The NW wind made for a tough head wind out to Windsor so we earned our cinammon buns. Return journey super-speedy with the wind at our backs.

Remember the old cycling adage folks: winter miles = summer smiles


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