Going for a 100 km ride through Surrey tomorrow morning, planning on going up 4 hills, including Leith Hill and Box hill before heading back. Total ascent: approx. 1,200m

Let me know if interested


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Hi Frank! That sounds just like the sort of ride I need to do so would be up for it! What sort of pace are we talking. Last thing I want to do is slow you down...

Average moving pace should be around 25kph... so not too fast

Sweet. I'm in.
Good ride today, which involved walking over unexpected obstacles on the road near Kingswood.
What were the obstacles Frank?
Great ride! Average speed pushed me to my limits given how much climbing we did. LOVED IT!
Thanks Frank

Charles - one of the roads were closed. Needed to do a litte climbing off bike to get back on the route "road works" didn't get in our way!!

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