Thursday night swim is cancelled due to movies at the Lido, so you can either go watch the Graduate at the lido (is there a pool in that film?) or swim in Tooting bec lido or else where 

Sorry guys! 


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Do you mean Thursday July 27 Emily?

I don't recall a pool scene in the Graduate but there is an excellent 'intterrup the wedding and escape from the families' scene.

OR... come and do the race series at Shepperton lake! I'm signed up for this Thursday's race and there are still places!
Or... Come to track, it's where all the cool kids are!

Hmmm I've been trying to persuade someone to give swimming at one of our training sessions a go for a while now - sudden interest perked up though at the idea of sitting in a dinghy at the Lido watching the Graduate while eating pop-corn....some people eh?

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