Track Report 02/11/17 - 3k Time Trial (in a few key words)

Group - Apprehensive
Coach Nick - Unassuming
Lloyd Collier footwear changes - Numerous
Lloyd Collier outfit changes - Many
Main set pace - Hot
Urge to become a javelin thrower - Overwhelming
Cool down pace - Romantic
Training benefit - High
Lucy and Sam - missed

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I’ll add a few key numbers to that too.

Alex Green - 10:12
Lloyd Collier - 10:22
Lawrence Morris - 11:10
Tom Hunter - 11:48
Andrew Bowmer - 12:40
Helen Thompson - 13:36
Olivia Sloan - 13:45

These runners set some hot times. The next TT not to be missed, a good way to check that training benefit from track! Sam and Lucy will also use these times to help set your paces in the upcoming sets. Good luck ;)

Great session as ever. Thanks to all, and to Nick for the coaching.  I'll be digging out the beanie for next week's session I fear!

Andrew you are also on next week’s reporting roster!

The bar has been set very high...

Ha ha, brilliant, I look forwards to hearing next week's write up. Here's your pace zones from the time trial. I'll post something more explaining this soon but for now, you'll need your R pace for track sessions and E pace for your long runs (we'll also have a chart to look these up at track sessions). (Tom, you were only a few secs different to the Friday TT so stick with those). 

Really useful. Thanks Lucy.
I like that Lloyd is also using track as transition practice! I'll see you all this week. Most likely playing the game of how many layers can a coach wear and still move.

So Lloyd had more costume/footwear changes than a drag queen at a variety show? There is clearly more to Track than meets the eye!

Charles I can only suggest you come along this week and see if you can count while running!

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