Want a training plan to get you ready for Sussex club championship race?

Are you looking for a training plan for the Sussex club championships? Amazing club coach Audrey is writing a 10 week Olympic training plan (starting Tuesday 18th July) to get you prepped and race ready.

We're holding a launch event to hear more about the training plan and how it will help you and ask Audrey and Head Coach, Lucy any questions you’ve got. 

Sign up for the event here - http://clubhouse.windrushtri.co.uk/events/olympic-training-plan-to-...

(or scroll down to find it in the list of events on the side to find it). 

Location: Herne Hill (Venue tbc once numbers confirmed)

Cost: event free, £20 for training plan. If you’re planning to buy on the night then don’t forget to bring cash with you! *

Time and date: Monday 17th July, 8.30pm


How’s a training plan going to help me?

- The 10 week training plan will give you structure to try and ensure you have the right dose of training and recovery to maximise your performance.

- The plan will include tests in each discipline, from which you can set training zones. This ensures that each training session can be structured to ensure you are getting the right physiological changes in your body to help you go faster on race day.

- It will also give you the chance to try out a training plan at a very competitive price, to decide whether you then want to invest in a more bespoke training plan in the future.

What will I need to in order to follow the training plan?

The bare minimum is the normal kit you’ll need to do a triathlon (bike, shoes etc).

If you have a multisport watch then you’ll be able to follow the training zones more closely. But the plan will always give you the option to use RPE – rating of perceived exertion i.e. how hard it feels instead.

If you have a power meter, smart turbo trainer or access to gym with a fixed bike with power (e.g. A Wattbike or the Matrix bikes we use in spin), and/or a heartrate monitor, then that will give you other options for following the training zones as well.

I like training with other people rather than by myself, is this going to work for me?

If you only ever want to go to club sessions then this might not be the best option for you. But if you want to go to club sessions, but often can’t make it, then this means you wont miss out on your training. And as everyone will be doing the same training sessions in the same week you can post on the forum to see if others want to meet to do the session  (although remember the idea if that you stick to your training zones).

I’m not doing Sussex, can I still buy a plan?

Yes of course! The plan will be suitable for anyone doing an Olympic race who has 10 weeks to train.

*I can’t make the event, can I still buy the plan?

Yup, there will also be an option to buy online

I want a plan for a different distance, have you got one?

Not this year I'm afraid, this is a trial for this year. Depending on how it goes we may have plans for different distances next year. But you could either get the plan to get an idea of how to structure your training but adapt for a different distance or contact one of our club coaches who write plans - Audrey, Lucy or Rich - to write you your own plan. 

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Just bumping this up again. Come along next Monday to find out all about the training plan. Also, to clarify, the training plan will have 7 sessions per week, plus a rest day. 

If you're keen but cant make next Monday, dont worry, you'll be able to sign up online then as well. Or if you have questions, please pop them below and we'll do our best to answer. 

This is the first time that we've put together a club training plan like this so if you have any more general comments I'd also be interested to hear. 


Lucy , Head Coach 

Bumping up again, hope to see you tomorrow

Where is it lucy?

It's at the Prince Regent, just opposite the Lido, on the table to the right of the bar. Look forwards to seeing you later, 


Lucy, Audrey, thanks for a great evening and some really helpful thoughts and tips.

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