Windrush Aquathlon - Volunteers reminder to sign up!

We can all agree that the CP Tri was totally awesome. The cheer squad, marshals, general atmosphere and BBQ were all winners.

The event only works as the whole of CP Tri come out in force to volunteer their time, at the moment we have 26 confirmed volunteers for our every own annual event. We need at least 40 (but the more the better) for the event to go ahead and with just over a month to go we need your help.

Please sign up on the events page if you are able to help!


Rory aka Dr Burger

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Hello All,

Less than 3 weeks to go and we are still looking for Volunteers for the Windrush Aquathlon on 25th June.

Please see the Events posting on the right hand side of the website and sign up as attending if you are able to volunteer. Looking for all the help we can get.

Harry (Volunteer Coordinator)

Hello ALL,

We are still a few volunteers to make the day run as smoothly as possible. Please can you get in touch with me to let me know you can Volunteer on Sunday 25th June.


Hey again to all, still need at least 12 people to volunteer their time for the Aquathlon. Please get in touch with me or go the WINDRUSH AQUATHLON event and say you will be attending. Hope to see you on the day.

Hey again. Still need another 7-10 volunteers for the Aquathlon - Sunday 25th June.

Sign up to the event on the right or message Harry Vaneris through the website.


volunteers needed

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