Deborah, Gesine and Becky race Saturday early morning.

Charles and myself Sunday

We hope to bring back some good results!

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At least Windrush is standing up to this Brexit nonsense.

Bon chance mes amis!
Good luck to you all!!
Im seeing lots of fast swim Brexits Tony :P
If I checked the results correctly (and that is a big if) Deborah came third and had the fastest bike leg - wow

Gesine seems to have been 9th in an excellent time behind a gang of Brits

And Rebecca 8th in 2.28!!

No pressure boys
In case you are wondering it is not because interest has been lost in how Nick and Charles got on.

Blatant sexism by the European Triathlon Federation means that the men's results have been overlooked. Thank god for Brexit eh?
After protest emails fired off to Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson the "European" Triathlon Fed have now included the men's results on the scoresheet!

Nick was quick for a change and 2h16m was good enough to come 22nd in his age group while Charles almost broke 2h30 mins

So well done all - let's hope Brexit does not put a stop to Windrush in Europe?

Super well done to the five of you! All round amazing results in what must have been an amazing location :-)

Great results well done! You're all amazing!!

Massive congratulations Becky, Nick, Gesine, Charles and Deborah! So pleased for all of you! Hope you had a brilliant holiday away too. Can't wait to hear all about it! xxx

Thanks all. Yes it was a fab few days in sunny Kitzbuhel, surrounded by green meadows, pine trees, snow-capped peaks and the clanking of cow bells. The ETU race was very well organised and the Brits made up by far the largest international contingent with over 300 age groupers attending. Wet suits were optional as the lake temperature was almost 22 C and Becky was one of the few to bravely go without. The bike course was mostly flat and fast, but with a steep climb that had to be done three times (think Broomfield Hill in Richmond Park but three times as long) and a technical descent. Drafting was strictly verboeden, with offenders given a blue card having to sit for two minutes in the next 'sin bin'. The run was also hilly and incredibly scenic. Becky claims to have had a Maria Von Trapp moment and started skipping and singing half way round. There was great support, with JC as cheer-leader, and mini-union jacks to grab for the final run along the blue carpet.

Chapeau to Deborah for winning bronze in her age group and gold star to Gesine for hanging out with the WR crew, despite being a member of the German Age Group team.

Tony forgot to warn us about the giant carp lurking in the lake; apparently they have no teeth but will suck you down in to the depths with their enormous pouty lips!

Here's a pic of the Windrush contingent in front of the Schwartzee lake

I have to say Charles that everyone who has seen the team snap has asked why the women are all wearing tasteful sunglasses but, ahem, those that you and Nick are wearing fail to impress...

It's all very good finishing in great times but really do you think Alastair Brownlee would wear white framed shades?

Not that we are shallow you understand

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