*Windrush parkrun takeover & social* Sat. 5th August. Photos up and Big Thanks!!

Thank you to the 25 of our lovely Windrush club members who came together on Saturday to takeover the Brockwell parkrun event and support over 250 parkrunners!  It couldn't have happened without your friendly faces (and  cakes/drinks!) so a really big thanks especially to...

Dave, James, Dermot, Ben, Emily, Rus, Tobi, Ursula, Val, Luis, Tim, Paul, Cat, Kim, Hugh, Col, Rob, Claire, Harry, Hayley, Liz, Lizzie and partner, Deborah, Charles and Saffron... and others who couldn't make it but who supported from afar!

Clare the parkrun Director has sent her big thanks too. Why not follow the Brockwell parkrun facebook page? https://m.facebook.c​om/profile.php?id=13​6270826435167&ref=co​ntent_filter

Our very own Val, did an epic job with the photos which look incredibly professional and really captured the spirit of parkrun: http://www.parkrun.o​rg.uk/brockwell/phot​os/

Thanks again!


Windrush Volunteer Coordinator

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Hey all, bumping this up!!

Some of you have verbally said you can get involved, which is fantastic! Please could you pop your name down here or on the form?
Such a shame I can't do this. I'm volunteering at the athletic world championships that day! It was really good fun taking over parkrun last time though!

The event is up! Remember to sign up.

Thanks Rory & Sam :)

Thanks to Becky and Liz who have signed up! :)

Windies...we need your help! We have 4 volunteers signed up but we need 16 more!

Parkrun can't happen without your volunteering action...please sign up today so we can make it an amazing Saturday for the runners taking part (with cake and coffee afterwards! Yay!)

Those who normally do park run can join me for a pre-parkrun prior (about 8.20)!

And if you're new to the club it's a great chance to meet everyone else! 

I will also contributing baked treats for this, so if you want goodies make sure you're signed up to help!

Thanks Becky and Rob, and to Valérie and Dermot who have signed up just now. It will be really good to see you!

New sign ups, Claire Stagg and Luis Conceicao - thank you very much!

I've signed up. Can help at Park run and will bake something.

Urszula Donigiewicz said:
I've signed up. Can help at Park run and will bake something.

Thank you Urszula, that'll be a treat!

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