Windrush Saturday Swimming - Official Complaints

Dear Windrushers,

I feel very sad that I have to write this post to you all. There has been an official complaint to the club from the Lido steering committee about our members not sticking to our allocated lane on a Saturday. Over several weekends our members have been seen to use other areas of the pool that they have not paid for, especially where there are leisure swimmers, and have made their relaxed swim an unpleasant experience. The steering committee understands that not everybody in the Lido in a wetsuit is a Windrusher, but they also know that many are. 

Windrush have had an excellent relationship with the Lido for the past 5 years and without the Lido there is no Windrush. We have facilities that many other tri clubs would give their right arm for. In order to keep using the Lido we need to respect the rules they have, and use the spaces we have hired from them.

There has been an issue with the timing of our booking not being passed onto the pool staff from the Lido admin, but this is now resolved. Also, from this weekend the entire pool will be open from the start of our session at 09:45 to minimise any impact. The lifeguards are there to allocate our lane, so please ask them and work with them. We need to show that we do follow the rules, and that those in wetusits who cause trouble are not Windrushers.

Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that you follow these two rules for Saturday swimming:

a) You must ONLY swim in the ONE LANE allocated to us from 09:45-10:45.

b) You must ONLY wear the YELLOW WINDRUSH CAP. If you don't have a cap you need to buy one before you swim at this session. Neil the kit coordinator will be selling them at swimming sessions. No Windrush cap, no swim.

If we have further complaints about us then we will lose this session, which would be a huge blow to the club and our reputation. So please, when you are at the Lido think about how you act and represent the club.

Many Thanks


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Has this been approved by the committee?

I don't see how forcing members to wear this seasons club kit is going to help remove barriers and to quote one swimmer today 'snobby triclub' image we currently have with other Lido users.

I suggest this problem is partly caused by the hats themselves.. I recommend everyone wear whatever dam hat they want.

Look Paul of course this was circulated to the committee and agreed before Laura posted. And also agreed with the Lido management.

If people turn up on a Saturday morning say they are with Windrush and then use other lanes the Lido management are bound to have a problem with us - especially if they get complaints from other swimmers.

We want to get on well with all the other swimmers in the Lido - whether open water non-wetsuit users, other triathletes in wetsuits, leisure swimmers, families...whoever they are all fellow swimmers with an interest in keeping the Lido open as a brilliant facility.

We are lucky enough to be the only triathlon club able to use the facility. We want to keep it that way and we want the Lido management to think Windrush tri club are brilliant partners. So wearing our hats, sticking to our lanes and treating other swimmers with respect is the least we can ask from members in return.

As for any odd grumpy person calling us a "snooty triathlon club" I'd reply by saying that we are an extremely inclusive club - as any number of new members are prepared to endorse, our fees at £30 per year (£5 for juniors) and £5 per session would exclude very few people, and that if they want proof of this they should join.

Rant over.

Just one data point; I've seen CP Tri book 4 lanes at the lido on Friday's at 19:00  - it's quite an impressive sight actually (two lanes for adults, two for the yoof). Very interesting to see the enthusiasm of the mums and dads.

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