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A rather unusual email arrived in the Windrush inbox yesterday. It's from a television production company called CPL, who make the Channel 4 series Married At First Sight. They're looking looking for people to take part in their third series, and are reaching out to groups (such as Windrush) to see if any of our members may be interested in applying. They're seeking brave singles looking for love and commitment, who would love the opportunity to let science find them a match. If this sounds like you thane they would love to hear from you!

I've attached their flyer, with full details and how to apply – looks like the deadline is 22 July so no time to waste ;-)

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This is hilarious, imagine the publicity Windrush would get!! 

Using SCIENCE!!!!  I'm tempted...

if only I wasn't divorced with kids...!

Come on windies, someone has to go for it! Please! We'll organise a special Saturday cake bake for the lucky date!
I just heard you have to get married to a total stranger and then live with them for a week to see if you get along. I think I'm out! !!
Arranged marriage has a lot to be said for you get a free video of the they use "scientists" - better than asking your mate's advice....probably

Tell them to include in the deal a state of the art, brand new TT bike and they will be inundated by fit and healthy applicants!

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