Membership FAQ

Can I do a trial session before I join the club?
Yes. If you’d like to try out one of our training sessions before committing to join the club you can do this free of charge.

How I book a trial session?
To book a trial session:

  • Create a profile on the Windrush website and login to the site
  • Take a look at our weekly session schedule here. The upcoming sessions for the week are displayed in the Events column on the right hand side of the home page (posted every Sunday evening/Monday morning). Click into the specific event page for a full description of that training session, including the time, location and maximum class numbers.
  • RSVP to the session you wish to attend – do this by clicking the “Will Attend” button. Please note, certain session are very popular (e.g: Spin on Wednesdays) and have a maximum number of participants (detailed in the event description). Before you RSVP, check that the class isn’t already full – you can see who has already signed up in the “Attending” panel underneath the RSVP panel.
  • Come to the session! – When you arrive at the session tell the person at reception that you are with Windrush and they will direct you to where the pool/studio etc. is. At the start of session be sure to introduce yourself to the Windrush coach (usually wearing a black Windrush t-shirt) so they are aware you are doing a trail and you won’t have to pay. Note: The only exception to this is Track on a Thursday – you’ll need to pay the track fee (£4.50) at reception but the coaching will be free. If you enjoy the session and decide you’d like to do more you’ll need to join as a member.

What’s the difference between making a profile on the site and becoming a member?
Anyone is free to make a profile on the Windrush site and our forum posts are public. This is to allow new potential members to see what’s going on (via the forum threads) and RSVP for their trial session. Creating a profile on the site doesn’t mean you are a member of the club and aside from a trial session, non-members aren’t permitted to attend our training sessions without first joining.

To join the club, you need to pay the membership fee (Adult fee = £30, Student fee = £15) which is paid annually and is valid until the end of the year. Being a member allows you to access all of our training sessions (which operate on a pay-as-you-go basis) and gives you discounts at a range of local businesses and third party suppliers.

How much does membership and the training sessions cost?
The membership fee is £30 for adults and £15 for students. This is paid annually and is valid until the end of the year. Being a member allows you to attend the training sessions which all cost £5 paid on a pay-as-you-play basis. So when you arrive for example at the pool, you tell the person on reception you are here for a Windrush session. Once you go through you pay £5 cash to the Windrush coach before the session commences. The only exception to this is Thursday evening track where you have to pay £4.50 entrance fee and then £2 to the coach.

I’m a beginner, is the club for me?
Yes! We’re a friendly club and cater to a mix of abilities – so if you’re new to triathlon simply go at a pace you are comfortable with. For most swim sessions there are usually two ability groups (fast lane and improvers lane) so those who are less experienced can build their fitness and technique whilst the faster swimmers can work on their endurance. We run introduction to velodrome sessions on a regular basis and there are often beginner focussed rides (around Richmond park) on Sundays which are member organised and posted on the forum.

I’m good on the bike and at running but can’t swim properly, is triathlon for me?
Often there is one discipline which we are less competent – do not let this put you off! Many of our members had little or no swimming or cycling or running experience before joining. We cultivate a supportive atmosphere where members can build their confidence and their fitness in a supportive and fun environment.

I’m training for an Ironman – is Windrush for me?
Yes. Windrush is also suitable for more experienced athletes who are working towards long distance events.

Can my son/daughter join Windrush juniors?
Windrush juniors is open to kids aged 8–15 and a full year’s membership is just £5

How do I find out about Windrush juniors?
For information email

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