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West Norwood Therapies is a team of therapists, yoga and pilates teachers working together in West Norwood to offer a high standard of care to the local community.

Windrush has been a partner since the team got together and members enjoy an ongoing discount. A 1hour treatment that would normally be £60 is only £55 to Windrush members.

The discount applies to any treatment at the clinic – this includes massage therapies, acupuncture, osteopathy, facial therapies and nutritional therapy – but you may be mostly interested in sports massage

Making regular time for sports massage is a great way to look after your body. It could help you to perform better and enjoy more injury-free years of training.

* Target muscle tension and imbalances that are holding you back

* Deal with niggling pains before they turn into injuries

Recover faster from intensive training or competition

 The sports massage therapists at WNT are well trained and dedicated to offering a high standard of treatment to keep you ticking over and reduce the risk of injury.

Jenny Greig can help you avoid injury in training, recover faster from injury & boost performance. She is great at easing sore and tired muscles, be that from sport or daily life. £1.50 from each of Jenny’s treatments goes to supporting refugees through Unicef

Tessa Glover can help you improve posture and performance by releasing trigger points and breaking down stubborn scar tissue using deep tissue work and medical acupuncture.

You can book online at the WNT website and find more information at

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