Join Windrush Triathlon Club!

Windrush is a friendly, social and inclusive triathlon club which caters to a broad range of ages and abilities – from novices to Ironman athletes.  

Membership benefits:

  • Training sessions where you can learn new and improve existing skills, improve performance and make new friends
  • A friendly social atmosphere to train within 
  • Discounts and special offers
  • An insured and safe environment within our coached sessions from British Triathlon

How much does membership cost?

The membership fee is payable annually and is valid until the end of the year. Click the links below to join now. Membership is now HALF PRICE!

Can I do a trial session before I join Windrush?

Yes. If you’d like to try out one of our training sessions before joining as a member you can do this free of charge. 

Ok, how do I become a member?

  • Step 1 (For Junior membership please skip this step)
    Sign up to the site as a user (creating your profile with all the required information and a photograph)
  • Step 2
    Click the membership option above to make a payment – your account will then be created and your membership card will be sent to you (if you want to attend sessions straight away please show the coach your payment confirmation email) (Juniors - please forward your GoCardless confirmation email with the juniors name to be linked to that membership to

Now I'm a member, what do I do next?

Come to training! Have a look at our weekly schedule and RSVP for the event you wish to attend. When you arrive at the session tell the person at reception that you are with Windrush (you may need to show your card) and they will inform you as to where the pool/studio etc. is. At the start of the session be sure to introduce yourself to the Windrush coach (usually wearing a black Windrush t-shirt) so they are aware you are new.
Further information can be found in our Membership FAQ page or if you have any additional questions please email

*Please note - these payments are a one off payment even though GoCardless states it is a Direct Debit.

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