just a short post, and first of all, I'd like to express my utmost respect for anyone training for multi sport events. Mine coming up in June is my first event, and has completely changed my sense of perspective as to how fit you need to be, and also, the dedication required to achieve that.

I was training on my own with a good measure of learning from books, the internet (youtube has been great regards technique) and others that have competed in multi sports events, and had pushed myself as far as I thought possible. But, now having joined Windrush, I realise that I was way off. I've now had 2 swim sessions, coached and un-coached, and it's been a real awakening in my approach to training. Training drills, over simply mindlessly swimming lengths, and the cold water session at Brockwell Lido last Saturday was a monumental challenge. It's strengthened my mental state and now I now how cold water feels, how difficult it is to swim when your body is burning through all the energy reserves just to keep warm, and just how important breathing correctly helps relax you into the zone.

The bottom line, for me, is by pushing myself physically and mentally, I have never been so focused, confident or as fit as I am now, and it's great!

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Comment by Paul Warren on April 18, 2016 at 8:35

Making baked delights is a tough challenge of its own, especially when you've got Tom ( AKA The Lemon Drizzle Cake Legend ) to compete with. Good meeting some newbies at the Lido on Saturday. See you all soon at some point . 

Comment by Jim Tebbs on April 17, 2016 at 14:42
Very welcoming, and I believe I've been volunteered for next weeks baked delight (hopefully a..,)
Comment by Tony on April 17, 2016 at 9:05
And I hope you didn't forget, after your lido swim, to hop over to the cafe for a big slice of chocolate cake !!!

We are a dedicated bunch of athletes here at Windrush triathlon club :-)


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