Ok, so I blame Lara and Lois and Emily and Lucy for joining.  I'm 57 1/2, doing my first sprint tri at CP in May and another in July.  I'm not competitive (except with myself), but love sport and exercising.  I used to throw the javelin for Barnet.  My day job is as a writer. Only started running a year ago, having told everyone never to run because it's bad for you...have been doing pilates for 6 years, yoga for 3, I'm a later in life swimmer, strong and competent.  Only bought a bike this year, the last one I owned was a Chopper aged 13...been going to the velodrome since Oct...it's tough but I love it!  My main worry is getting out of a wetsuit...I had a minor panic attack at the Lido yesterday, when I finally put it on...it's been lying across a chair in my office for 6 months...  thanks to Lara and Lois for 1-2-1 offers of help...I will take you up on it.  I can't quite believe I've joined a triathlon club...I used to watch you all training, thinking, wow, if only...so it's a bit strange and wonderful to think this is where I am, 2 1/2 years off 60.  Looking forward to meeting those I don't know.  Be gentle with me...I like cake and coffee...and can bake...

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Comment by Laura A on April 4, 2017 at 13:37

Shelly - it was fantastic to have a chat on Saturday and I am so happy you have joined Windrush! Your love of cake will definitely fit very well with us! Major cake opportunities are on Tuesday velodrome sessions and Saturday post swimming. A lot of people do not like wetsuits, especially at the start when they feel like you are being strangled. I'm sure you will have a whole host of people to help you get in and out of one. We even practice it during our evening swims in the Lido which will be starting up again as soon as its light enough. They feel much better when you are in the water! Welcome welcome indeed :-)


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