Brick (bike to run) training top tips!

A brick session is when with little rest or interruption in between you complete a bike ride followed by a run.

The reason for doing brick sessions is to help your body get used to switching from one discipline immediately to another.  Bike to run is called transition 2 (T2) in a race and with regular practice you could knock seconds or even minutes off your over all time!

Most athletes find the transition from bike to the run the toughest so here are some tips:

  • Start with an easy bike session (aerobic) and a short easy run session (e.g. 20mins).
  • Think about nutrition just before and during the bike (carb, drink, salts, e.g. as sweating salt loss can lead to cramp on the run)
  • Chose a suitable and safe route (ideally a loop) for your run.
  • Expect to feel a bit ‘jelly legged’ when you start running after a bike ride - the more brick sessions you do the less intense this feeling should become.
  • Make sure that you have your running shoes by the door so you are ready to make a fairly swift exit! And pack an emergency energy gel just incase you might need it!

Competing in the Windrush Time Trial 20km bike and 5k run brick competition? Then follow this guidance:

  • If you are new to bricks then start off with an easy 20k and 5k (you are only competing against yourself) and build up effort in each one you do (you will also ensure a PB every time!)
  • Factor in how much recovery you may need and listen to your body post session, this is essentially a sprint race (minus the swim) so normally athletes take 1-2 weeks to recover after a race before they start training for their next race!
  • Post session ensure you get your protein recovery nutrition in for your muscles and rehydrate!
  • Once a month is more than enough but you can stretch to doing two (but remember injuries aren't worth the PB!)

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