bring and buy sale this Sunday (20th) 4-6 at the Florence

Hi all, 
We're organising a bring and buy sale this Sunday 4-6 at the Florence. If you've got kit to sell/ get rid of or want to get hold of some new kit, or just want a natter with club mates, please come along! 
It's a fundraiser (£1 to take part, pay in advance by signing up) with all money raised going to the Velodrome. All details on here (plus FAQs on what you can /cant sell etc) -
So have a spring clear out of your kit, dig out some goodies, sign up and come along! 

When: Florence 4-6pm on 20th Feb.

What to do:

  • Sign up in advance – it’s £1 for entry (whether you’re buying/selling/browsing), paid for with training tokens. All money will be going to our partner charity Herne Hill Velodrome.
  • Bring along your unwanted kit (please make sure it is clean).
  • There will be 2 tables
    • 1 for stuff you’re donating, money raised goes to charity
    • 1 for stuff you want money back for
  • You’ll need to label the stuff so we know how much you want, if for charity/ money back to you, size etc (details will be sent by email, and available on the day), and make sure things like shoes etc are attached to their partner. And if selling, leave me your bank details.
  • Come along between 4-6 to sell and to buy, get a drink (The Florence are giving us the room for free so please thank them by spending some money!), catch up with friends who are there, go for a run round the park etc
  • Come back and collect any unsold kit by 6pm. Anything not sold by the end must be collected by 6 or will be donated to charity (whether free or not).
  • Then I’ll transfer back any money for stuff you’ve sold


Do I need to be there at the beginning until the end?

Whether selling/ donating/ browsing you're welcome to come at the beginning, middle or end, but bear in mind others might do the same, so the longer you stay, the more chance you have of selling something/ picking up a great bargain. Why not come down for the whole thing and catch up with friends whilst you're there, or drop off at the beginning, go for a run, then come back and see if you can scoop a bargain at the end.

Do I have to set a price for charity, can’t I just give it away?

You can put the price as zero, but a) if someone wont pay a pound for it, then is it really worth bringing down? We don’t want to be left with a pile of junk to get rid of b) you’re all a lovely generous lot, wont it be nicer to get a warm fuzzy glow about raising some money for a deserving cause.

Why does it cost a £1 to take part?

Again, we want to have a positive impact from the event, so we want to be able to help raise some money, plus we want you to sign up in advance to know numbers.

Can I sell xyz? How much should I charge? Does it have to be clean?

You can bring what you want (no old race tshirts tho please), so long as you think someone else will want it. But please dont bring down a load of stuff / dirty stuff it's unlikely people will want as its more for us to deal with at the end.

I cant come on the Sunday, can I drop it off to you in advance?

Nope, sorry, but see if a friend can bring it down for you instead.

I can't come back at 6, can you hold onto anything unsold for me?

Nope, sorry. Feel free to ask a friend to pick it up for you but we can't hold onto stuff.

Can I pay for items I want by bank transfer?

Nope, sorry, cash only. And please bring lots of change, we will only have limited change.

Why does Herne Hill Velodrome need our money/ I dont ride there, why should I donate?

Herne Hill Velodrome needs us! 90% of the day to day running of Herne Hill Velodrome is funded by us, the users. All the improvements to the track and facilities that we benefit from cost money, and they’re keen to try and generate extra income rather than simply putting up prices and therefore reducing access for some. The sessions aren’t just for triathletes who want to go faster, the Velodrome is a great resource for kids learning to cycle in a safe environment, and Wheels for Wellbeing inclusive cycling sessions for disabled people and their families and carers.

What charity is the unsold stuff going to?

Good question, at the moment it will just be going to the nearest charity shop, so if you know of somewhere that would actually want the kit, please let us know, even better if you can help us with drop off (it needs to be somewhere near by, we don’t have unlimited space to store stuff).

Can I help?

Yes, if you want to help on the day, or with dealing with unsold kit, let Lucy know

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