Do you want to help get more people into triathlon and increase the diversity of club membership?

Hi all, as well as continuing to support existing members and improve the quality of our coaching and member support, our key objectives for 2018, as set out in the committee's annual strategy, are around: 

- Improving the diversity of membership (incl ethnic minority, junior and paratriathlete membership)
- Increasing awareness of Windrush in the local community 
- Getting more people participating in the sport. 
One of the key pieces of work we've planned towards these objectives is a 'Intro to Tri' course to help overcome barriers and fears people might have about doing their first race, and that would culminate in a small race we would put on for those attending. We've been working with British Triathlon Federation to roll it out, but they've had to withdraw from the plans. 
We would still like to continue with our plans but unfortunately no-one on the current committee has the time to make it happen. I am happy to put together the training course but do not have the time to speak to potential attendees to find out more about what stops them being active, advertise the course and deal with incoming queries. 
Would you be interested in helping to make this happen? We are looking for 1 or 2 people to work with me on it. This would be a co-opted role (i.e. you would not be on the committee but report into it via the head coach i..e me).  You will need to be:
- a self starter - you will be leading on making this happen. It's a pretty blank canvas so it's up to us (with committee approval) to decide what it looks like. 
- have quite a lot of free time - we haven't got long to pull this together so we'll need to get moving on it asap
- happy communicating with a wide variety of groups online and in person - we've got leads into various community groups but we'll need to speak to them (in person/ on the phone), as well as using social media etc to get people interested 
Timescales - tbc, will depend on venues and how long it take to get off the ground etc, but if possible it would be good to get the course and race done before August as people disappear then, and we need to incorporate into our work around the Lambeth Country show. 
>> Next steps - drop me an email by this Sunday am if you're (potentially) interested, include very quick summary of why you're interested, any prior experience (not essential), time available/ constraints (e.g holidays coming u) and whether you'd be around Sunday afternoon/ eve for a quick chat. 

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Comment by Paul Warren on June 15, 2018 at 15:47

Hi Lucy, I think I can help, but not at the moment ( Pretty busy with work, training & eating ). But I've worked  on and with clients policies on diversity strategies which has included Gender, Equality & Religion into various operations to cover these matters.   

If you want me to dig out some corporate draft policies if that would help ? 

Super sorry I can't offer much more time at the moment. 

Comment by Matt Curry on June 15, 2018 at 10:47

Is this something we could pair with Hannah Thompson's post on homelessness/refugee running charity?

Comment by Lloyd Collier on June 6, 2018 at 13:58

Agree with Charles and all your well-made points. as well as echoing the flat-out at work sentiments. keep me on the bench for this one please Lucy.

Comment by Charles Barclay on June 6, 2018 at 12:43

I think this is an excellent initiative Lucy and one that we have something of a moral obligation to undertake as a community-orientated tri club that references the Windrush connection in Brixton. Windrush is an absolutely brilliant tri club (the best!) but it is an undeniable fact that its membership is not as diverse as it could be and does not reflect the Brixton community at large, which is a shame. The Into to Tri course is one of the ways we can help change this situation, as the Junior section has already started to do in a very convincing way. Alas I am currently flat out at work and don't have the spare time needed to help you with this initiative but let's keep the discussion afloat and see if there is a Windrusher or two out there who might have the time and be interested in taking this on.

Comment by Lucy Hurn on June 1, 2018 at 10:29

Doh, you'll need my email address -


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