Enthusiastic, hard working but fun loving club seeks committed Head Coach

Hi all, 

I'm stepping down as head coach before the upcoming AGM (mid Oct), in order to let the person who succeeds me have time to get into the role before they need to develop the 2019 timetable. 

And so we're looking for a new head coach. If you are interested in the role, and have the necessary qualifications, or are committed to working towards them, please let me know asap (drop me a message with your email via the forum, or you should be able to get my number off whatsapp). 

Job description:

I've attached the JD as I currently do the role (I've included all the admin that the amazing Emily is currently helping with in here as well). It takes about 2 days/week on average across the year. 


But I would like to stress, this is how I've done it, and it would be up to you to shape the role as you see fit, including to ensure the workload is manageable. 


- BTF Level 2 or commitment to being L2 or higher qualification within the next year (in order to be accepted for direct entry for L2 you'd need to already hold some sort of related coaching or sports qualification). 

The role is currently unpaid. The current committee is looking into ways to make it a paid role going forwards but this is not guaranteed at this point (it depends on the incoming cttee taking it forward and a sponsor coming on board) and would take time to put in place. And will not be vast sums anyway! 

If you're interested and want to discuss this in more detail, let me know asap.
In terms of process;
- There will be a (fairly informal) interview with any interested candidates, ideally in the next week or so
- I will make a recommendation to the committee to co-opt someone the role (as its prior to the AGM when members will vote).
- And then members vote (on anyone who stands for the role) at AGM. 
And dont worry, you're not going to be left without a head coach, the reason I'm stepping down early is to ensure there's time for a good hand over and let the new coach get familiar with the role before they need to develop next year's plans. 
However it does mean I'll be operating on a no frills timetable basis once the summer timetable has ended, so no courses or other initiatives until the new coach comes in (and then its up to them). 

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