How to collect your Windrush membership card

Have you joined Windrush but don’t yet have your membership card? If you are going to the post race bbq in Crystal Palace this Sunday you can collect one from either Emily (coach) or Simon (swim captain).

Alternatively, you can pick up your card at the following sessions over the next couple of weeks:

Tuesday lido swim: Nick (coach) or Áine (membership secretary)
Tuesday velodrome: Becky (coach)
Wednesday morning strength and conditioning (from May 22): Lucy (coach) or Becky (coach) or Áine (membership secretary)
Wednesday spin: Becky (coach) or Nick (coach)
Thursday lido swim: Lucy (coach)
Friday morning run course: Áine (membership secretary)
Saturday morning lido swim: Simon (swim captain)

Note: the lido are increasingly sticky about admitting people without a card so if you’ve not got yours yet please explain politely to whoever is on the desk that you’ll be picking it up at that session.

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