*******   Notice of AGM   ********

Hello Windrushers!

This is the formal notice that the Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Thursday 24th October from 7:30pm at Pizza Express in Herne Hill.


This will be your opportunity to hear from the Committee in terms of what we’ve been doing over the past year and it will also be the occasion where we vote in the new Committee and any proposed changes to the constitution.  An agenda will follow nearer the time, but for now, three things for you all to think about:

1.     Do you want to put yourself (or someone else) forward for a Committee or co-opted position? If so, please complete the nomination form here (you will need to be logged in to view it) and send it to me at secretary@windrushtri.co.uk. You can find a description of each roles here.

2.     Do you want to propose any changes to the Club's constitution? The Club's constitution can be viewed here. Any proposals for changes to the constitution must be sent to me and/or Emily Robinson (chair@windrushtri.co.uk) before 30th September 2019. This will allow enough time for members to consider the changes before voting on them at the AGM.

3.     Do you have something you would like to be included in the AGM agenda? This could be a suggestion or proposal of something you think the Club should consider doing (or changing) going forward, for example. The deadline for submitting these resolutions to me is 30th September.


Please RSVP to the event listing here so I can pre-order sufficient pizza!


Every year we encourage our members to consider standing for committee and co-opted roles (see my original post here), because without volunteers giving up a little of their time to keep things running, the tasks those positions are responsible for just won't happen. We also often hear that people feel hesitant to nominate themselves, for fear of stepping on people's toes, but this is not what we want!  We want all positions to be contested, so that the we all benefit from having the best people (and new energy/ideas!) running the club.  However, to try and avoid any concerns about nominating yourself, I have listed the Committee positions for which I know the current post-holders will not be re-standing:

§  Club Secretary

§  Treasurer

§  Membership Secretary

§  Welfare Officer

§  Aquathlon Director

Furthermore, many of the current holders of the co-opted roles will also not be restanding so there are lots of opportunities to support the club across a variety of roles.


What this means is, we need people to put their hand up to take on these roles!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask - and do come along to our 'Meet the Committee' social on Sunday 15th September (sign up here) where you will have the opportunity to meet many of the current Committee and co-opted members.  (And even if you aren't interested in standing, come and join us for a drink anyway!) 



Club Secretary


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