Really Fancy Christmas Fancy Dress

It's even tighter at the top after an amazing Xmas day turn out and the double points really shifting around the positions

My niece's initial choice of the sprout head Alex Hill didn't count as parkruns are 100km too short for Alex to do them regularly so he hasn't entered the competition. ;)

Neice Northam top fancy dressers

  1. Alex Hill with Sprout Head
  2. Lloyd (as Elizabeth liked the elf man in the photo)
  3. Beth dressed as a human xmas light
  4. Tim in that oh so tight Santa outfit (as it's got her brother in the photo)

The parkrunners in the competition have had their points topped up leaving a 1-2-3 for Beth, Lloyd and Adam after xmas day.

Top 3 in 2019

Despite Lloyd's dash to the finish line with his sneaky inclusion of a elf man to win the xmas day fancy dress points, Adam pulled yet another volunteer spot out of the bag to regain the top spot. 1-2-3 for Adam, Beth and Lloyd.

The final 15km

  • Who's going to win the double header new PB challenge?
  • Is 30 points enough for Adam to fend off the running xmas tree that is Beth?
  • Will Claire dig deep to smash into 2020 with a new parkrun PB?

Double header new PB challenge

New rules just for new year days run. DOUBLE TOTAL POINTS for a new PB. That includes any social points.

Three park runs left. Any of the top four could win? This is all a bit exciting. ;)

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Comment by Lloyd Collier on January 6, 2020 at 14:28

Good work Tim !


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