Pilot phase for online sign up and payment for training

Hopefully everyone has seen the email letting you know we have moved to the next phase of the new website roll-out. This pilot testing will last for a few weeks, and once we are happy everything is working as expected for the pilot events (velodrome, spin and Thursday swim), we will roll out the online sign-up and payment for the remaining training sessions. We are hoping all training sessions will be administered using MyClubhouse from the 5th February.

What this means for you

Please make sure you have signed up to MyClubhouse and purchased training tokens, so you are ready to sign up to training when the roll-out reaches the training sessions you are interested in attending. Each training token costs £1, so the current weekly training sessions that cost £5 will now cost 5 Training Tokens.

Please read through the sign up guide so you know how to buy tokens, when you can sign up for training and what the cancellation policy is. The sign up guide can be found here. Don’t leave it until the last minute when you are in a rush and it’s the last minute to sign up!

To avoid any confusion, here is a week by week summary of where to sign up for training:

Weeks commencing 15th/22nd/29th Jan:

  • People wanting to attend Pilates, Monday swim, Wednesday swim, Track, Strength & Conditioning should continue to RSVP using the old website and pay £5 to the coach as you have done in the past.
  • People wanting to attend Velodrome, Spin or Thursday swim will have to sign up and pay using tokens through MyClubhouse. These events will still be listed on the old website, but YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RSVP. Instead, there will be a link in the event description directing you to the session in MyClubhouse.
  • On the new website you will be able to sign up for events the following week from morning after the event  For example, you will be able to sign up for spin on Thursday morning. 

Week commencing 5th Feb:

  • All training events will be managed through MyClubhouse and everyone will need to sign up and pay using tokens through MyClubhouse.

During the pilot phase, we are looking to refine the system so it works as well for us as it can. This means we want your feedback on how you are finding the system as a user. If you have any problems using the site or have any feedback for us, please send this through info@windrushtri.co.uk.

We have worked incredibly hard over the last few months to give you a product that we think gives you a great user experience and we hope you find the new system as great as we do! 

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Comment by Rob Weinert-Aplin yesterday

Great to hear Colin. A lot of this is down to Colin (M) and Lucy too!

Comment by Colin Williams yesterday

Cheers Rob - was v easy to get the credits and apply to the session. Well done on creating the platform. C

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