Volunteering for the London Olympics 2012

Hi (this has been sent to all London Clubs)

Please find an exciting message from John Lunt the Triathlon Manager for the 2012 Olympic Games. PLEASE PASS THIS ONTO YOUR MEMBERS, It would be great if the 2012 triathlon was manned by Triathletes...the email from John outlines the first steps towards this.

If you are interested in volunteering and meet the criteria (below) then please register your interest on the LOCOG website www.london2012.com, as the message from John goes on to mention it would also help if you registered at the London Triathlon Regional website http://www.triathlonlondon.org/Volunteers/RegisterasaTriathlonLondo...


London2012 has begun the process for advertising for volunteers.

Eligibility criteria for the London Olympics

The key criteria for volunteers are:

−must be over 18 years old by 1 January 2012.

− Available throughout the period of the Olympic Games and/or the Paralympic Games.

− Able to attend a minimum of three training sessions prior to the Games (a minimum of 15 hours).

− Able to volunteer for a minimum of 10 days at either, or both, Games.

− Eligible to work as a volunteer in the UK in accordance with immigration rules:

− Have the right to live and work permanently in the UK; or

− Hold a valid passport or identity card from any country in the European Economic Area; or

− Be in the UK or coming to the UK to work in accordance with the UK Points Based System; or

− Be in the UK for another reason with a permission to remain in the UK that allows you to work as a volunteer; or

− Able to provide specialist sports specific skills at the Games or have extensive previous Games experience and can meet the requirements for a sports visitor visa.

− Agree to undergo, and pass, the required screening, security vetting, right to work and background checks.

Please note: applicants for Specialist Sport Volunteer (SSV) roles must additionally

be available for the Test Event (2011) in their chosen sport.


When interviewed, applicants will further need to demonstrate and confirm:

− their ability to speak and read English;

− their willingness to accept the role and venue that is offered;

− their willingness to participate in the training sessions prior to the Games; and

− a range of personal behaviours to ensure we get quality of service at Games.

So if any triathletes want to get involved in the games they have to sign up into the LOCOG website asap. www.london2012.com

It would help if they could also sign up into the www.triathlonlondon.org website so they are captured twice.

If there was some way of knowing how many people would be interested, then please let me know asap.

Thanks for your help on this.

John Lunt

Triathlon Manager, London is hosting the 2012 Olympics.


Thanks again for passing this message on,



Jon Train

Programme Manager

Triathlon England

Mobile: +44 (0) 7739 526 558

twitter: www.twitter.com/TriLondon

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