Hello wonderful Windrushers!!!

It is that time of year again when you get the opportunity to tell us what you did in 2017 that made you proud.

I would absolutely love it if you could tell me what you did in 2017 which made you proud. This could be anything. (Windrush / sport related of course) It could be a mad cap icy iron distance race in the Arctic (see Mr Barclay) or it could be your first Parkrun finish. It could be one length of a moderately cold lido on Christmas morning with only a few childish whimpers. The only criteria is that it made you proud. 

I'd love you to respond to this post or you can send me a private message if you prefer. 

Tell me. I dare you and flesh it out with some detail. Twitter style, not war an peace though :)

Definitely tell me about Iron distance races, 70.3, marathons, ultra trails, channel swims, marathon swims, half marathons, swim runs, the swimmer, trans continental bike races, any distance PBs, age group qualifications, your first triathlon, volunteering roles, coaching qualifications, parkrun successes.  You get the idea...

Why? Our new years party is coming soon and it's going to another awesome evening for the the #windrushfamily. We want to celebrate you because you are the club. We exist to nurture those moments and opportunities which you grasp. 

Come on #windrushfamily. 

(yes, i mean you and yes I am interested and yes that thing you are thinking about is the thing you should tell me about)

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Comment by Urszula Donigiewicz yesterday

In 2017 I moved to London and I am so glad I joined Windrush with a mindset of trying my first season in triathlon.

There are a few highlights but my biggest achievement was definitely the Cotswolds Middle Distance Tri that was so enjoyable, mainly through the support of the club. It's because of the people in the club that I made friends, enjoyed London life and realised that I am a good swimmer therefore 2018 is for a swim run and a 10km swim.

Even though my stint in London was short term I still feel like I ca catch up with club mates whenever I visit. I miss you guys! Have a wonderful party on Saturday xxx

Comment by Sam Blackburn yesterday

Ditto Charles comments. That's why I love the end of year party, celebrating all achievements and hearing about those I didn't even know about! Good work #WindrushFamily. Can't wait to hear more on Saturday night! 

Comment by Erica Sample yesterday

Thanks Charles:) 

Comment by Charles Barclay yesterday

Well said Erica, that is a really inspiring post. Starting from a difficult place you have achieved amazing things over the past year. And you are spot on about the ethos of the club. We can all feel proud of each other's achievements, as well as making our own journeys in endurance sport.

Comment by Erica Sample yesterday

what a great idea:) last year started as a struggle for me, I had been ill and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks so much so that when i was with the club in Majorca in April and still not really able to run or swim too well due to breathing i did wonder if my plans were bigger than i could cope with ( i even think the coaches probably wondered as well!) However a month later i did Slateman, which i loved and did a pretty descent job at, i did my first middle distance with the club in the Cotswolds, got a PB in the London duathlon, parkrun and 10km and had a fair few smaller accomplishments along the way. I tried to step outside my comfort zone and for me it was a really enjoyable and good season. Its easy to read the blogs below and feel wow about everything others do especially when they are technically bigger and harder than yours but i think for me its realising we are all on our own journey and just taking part in anything that is a step better than the last one is just worth shouting about. 

Comment by Erika Kennington on Sunday

Completed my first (and second) 10km swims: the first non-wetsuit in <15 degree water in beautiful Snowdonia, and the second (my only indoor swim of the year!) sneaking just inside the 4hour time I had targeted.

Also super proud that fellow Windrushers have embraced my #lidotouring obsession with trips last year to Cambridge, Margate, Lewes and Hampton in the UK, plus 6 lidos in Germany&Austria on my 1200km Tour de Danube!

Comment by Elly on Friday

A bunch of us did Tour of Wessex in May, which was fun. 322 miles taking in the Jurassic Coast, Cheddar Gorge and Exmoor over 3 days. 

I think there's some photos in the original blog post: Tour of Wessex May 2017  Or a couple attached. 

Comment by David Synott on Thursday

Keep them coming people !!

Comment by Laura A on Thursday

I was really proud of the swimrun with Edward too - I loved being in a team again and felt pretty awesome crossing the finish line. I'd also love to do more. I was really proud of Edward for not stopping in the swims even though he was totally knackered and had me "encouraging him"! 

I was so, so proud of Rory and his team for taking the Aquathlon baton and running with it to new heights, and for myself for finishing the run despite really terrible asthma.  

I was so lucky to witness moments which made me very proud: Elly completing the 70.3 swim at Sussex like a boss, and Lucy going sub 5 hours at the Cotswold 70.3 (OK, she was far ahead of me, but I saw her after....) Very inspiring women. 

I'm really proud of all of the IceWindies who have kept swimming in the cold this winter, and also really got into it. I love our brave, frozen community :-)

Comment by Ben Dolman on Thursday

Completed my first Ironman, Ironman Wales, despite horrendous weather conditions and an illness that meant I couldn't swallow solid food for the 2 weeks before (or after) the race. The daft thing is I'd do it all again (not the illness though).

I also managed a Sprint PB at Crystal Palace, an Olympic PB at Deva, a sub 5hr Middle Distance at the Cotswold Classic and a Marathon PB at Brighton.

Looking forward to having a rest this year!

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