Anyone else doing London marathon this year?

See it's getting warmer... just ready to peak with a one day heatwave on 25th April - which is usually uncomfortable..... but being as how I'll be wearing a banana suit... (I did check whether we were getting a Windrush banana suit option on the kit but apparently not) ..

I've posted the pics from today's training in case anyone has any expert advice on technique etc :)

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Comment by Tony on April 30, 2010 at 9:03
Well I didn't see any of you out there. And it's probably fair to say that if you're after a PB a banana suit has its draw backs! Was trotting along doing 10 minute miles until Canary Wharf when my right leg made its objections known so the last 6 miles or so was errr tiring and the whole thing took 5 hours 12 ....

...but hey I don't think I've ever had so many little kids going absolutely berserk waving and shouting all the way round. I was feeling chuffed at the end when I ran in to the guy who had done the whole thing in full fireman kit (including steel toe caps) and must have also done around 5 hours - mind boggling.

So the question is - Crystal Palace - new club kit or banana suit?

I'll upload some pics so you can see just how comfortable it was ;)



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