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Triathlon Training Camp -Lanzarote 23-30 April 2023

If you are looking for a Triathlon Training Camp next year, join me in Lanzarote 23-30 April 2023 at Sands Beach Resort, Costa Teguise Beach.

It is open to all ages and abilities.

This is in addition to the Swim Camp that is running the previous week. For those that have signed up for the Swim Camp but would prefer the Triathlon Training Camp you can change at no cost. You can do both weeks.

The aim of the Triathlon Training Camp is to give you an…


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Swim Camp -Lanzarote 16-23 April 2023

If you are looking for a swim camp next year, join me in Lanzarote 16-23 April 2023 at Sands Beach Resort, Costa Teguise Beach.

It is open to all ages and abilities provided you can swim 100m.

The aim of the camp is to drill and practice skills in the pool and focus on developing open water skills in the beautiful blue sea. Whether you are an GB Age Grouper or nervous of open water, there are sufficient coaches to cater for all levels and you will not be…


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Cross Country 2022/23 Season

Cross Country 2022/23 Season


Hi Everyone


Cross country is back for the 2022/23 season wahoooo! The first race is 15th October at Reigate Priory Park, start times TBC.


For those who haven’t experienced these races before, it is a league with 4 races at various…


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BTF transgender competitor changes.

Dear Windrush Triathlon Club Community,

Today (6/7/22), British Triathlon (BTF) published new guidance with regards to transgender athletes. Their initial Transgender Policy (2018) was highlighted as requiring review by the Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG) and the International Olympic Committee. All BTF members were sent a survey to complete around April time this year.…


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Hi all

Registration with England Athletics (EA) is up for renewal from 1 April 2022. All athletes who are currently registered will remain registered up until the end of the grace period on 30 June 2022.

For brand new athletes who have never been registered competitively with any club before and who registered between January and March 2022, your expiry date will be 31 March 2023.

For any other athletes previously registered competitively, even if registered between…


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Membership Reminder 2022

Hey all,

I hope you are all safe and well. Thanks for being part of the Windrush Triathlon family through another year that was a bit of a strange one!

We hope that the club has given you a community to connect and continue exercising with, often with more freedom than the general public!

We'd love to welcome you back with open (socially distanced) arms in 2022!

Shortly after you see this post, you should receive an email from MyClubhouse offering a membership…


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Want more club rides? Then volunteer to become a ride leader!

We know from the recent survey and speaking to club members that lots of you would like to have more regular club rides, which is fantastic (who doesn’t want to get out on their bike more?) In order for us to offer rides more regularly, on the same weekends each month, we need people to volunteer to be ride leaders. The more people who volunteer, the more club rides we can offer! The bike captains give you all the support you need and there is training…


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Shepperton Lake is still open and only £6!

From our friends at Shepperton, to all you cold water swimmers out there!

Good Evening

I hope this email finds you well!
I thought I would reach out to you as I imagine our cold water swimming lake will be of interest to you and your tri club members. 
We are one of the only lakes that stay open throughout winter so our swimmers can reap the physical and mental health benefits of cold water training!
We have…

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Cross country (XC) is back!

After a years hiatus, thanks to you know what, the Surrey XC league is back, bigger and better than ever! For those new to the club, XC is a four-race series that pits us against other running and triathlon clubs in South London and Surrey. 

This is a great way to keep up your running throughout the winter. It's sociable, relaxed and you don't need to be a fast runner to take part. The more Windrushers we have, the better we score, so as with all sport, the more the…


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Notice of AGM & Request for Nominations - 4th November 2021

Hello fellow Windrushers!

This is your formal notice that the Windrush Triathlon Club AGM is taking place on Thursday 4th November 2021 at 19:00.

Please sign up below to allow us to book the correct venue for the number. Please do this by the 4th October! Click here to sign up now!

Venue TBC.

The end of the triathlon season is almost here and so is…


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Love triathlon and computers, why not join the committee?

Hello fellow Windies,

After what will be 4 years of service I have decided to hang up the keyboard and not stand again for the IT Officer role.  I've really enjoyed my time in the role and it has been amazing to work alongside such dedicated and enthusiastic individuals while trying to help the club grow from strength to strength. It's a fabulous opportunity to give back to the club and get to know more people than you might do just by training and racing.  

Here is a quick low…


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Feeling tired?

Well, we all do this, especially when training a lot, like a marathon? Of course, the legs will feel a bit heavy the next day. And covid, all that underlying stress and anxiety saps the energy. And I always had a bit low blood pressure, especially as a teenager, this just happens. Perhaps I’m over training? Why does this feel so hard?

These things went through my head last summer when I found training increasingly getting harder and rest didn’t help. I still did it, but had no push,…


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2021 Membership Card: Plastic-Free, Convenient & Sustainable

Hi all,

Last year we said goodbye to our plastic membership cards in favour of a more sustainable and convenient 

solution:a digital membership card which you can store on your phone.

Windrush uses electronic membership cards to gain access to venues and get discounts from vendors. The latest membership card can be downloaded from MyClubhouse. Simply log in to MyClubhouse…


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Want to get involved with coaching?

We are on the look out for new coaches to join our amazing team to help deliver and run sessions to help support the clubs to continue delivering amazing sessions for the community in the future!

If you are interested and want to find out more please read the's a very rewarding journey – just chat to any coach running a session.

What the club needs:

  • You are able to assist…

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England Athletics - Athlete Registration for 2021-2022

The window for (re-)registration as an England Athletics member is now open.

The portal for renewing (or buying) your EA membership is now open for the 21-22 season. As you'll see below EA have extended the renewal window until 31st August. But please do renew as soon as you are able. For the 2021/22 year, from 1 April 2021, the fee for athlete registration will remain at £15 (for the fifth consecutive year). We add a small fee on MyClubhouse to cover the payment…


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Current Training Schedule UPDATED 06.04.21

As we slowly return to our usual training sessions (subject to venue/COVID restrictions) here is an overview of what is happening this month:

Outdoor pools are now open, and indoor pools will be open from April 12th.

Coached pool sessions are expected to be able to return from 17th May..


Velodrome - Rebecca/Deborah Herne Hill Velodrome £8

Pilates - Rachel online…


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Easter holiday scavenger hunt for the Windrush Tri Club Juniors

Here’s one for our juniors! Complete this Easter scavenger hunt before the end of your school holidays and send us your entry to be added into a draw for a Windrush Triathlon Club prize!

To enter, simply take a picture of the items listed, (which include the letters to spell TRIATHLON) and ask your adult to send them over to the marketing team…


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Ragnar Relay Free Entries!

Hey all, 

The lovely guys organising this event has given us a free team, which is awesome! To be fairly done, we'll randomly pick 10 people to be in the team, just fill out the form below.

I'll announce the team(s) at the end of April!

Remember, as with all events there are still costs associated with this event; renting 2 vans/minibuses being one of the higher ones, so it's not…


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Windrush Tri-Continental Team Race

What? This is a team challenge inspired by the transcontinental race: teams of 4 will collectively complete 4200km during March 2021. Fastest team wins.

Who? Teams of 4 windrushers (seniors and juniors). You can either self-select your own team or asked to be assigned to one. Please…


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NEW MEMBERS: Get your very own FREE Tri Buddy in the club (CLOSED 31st May 2021)

Happy New Year to you all!

We've been thinking about how we can we help to welcome new members to the club in these strange times!

The idea is to connect each new member with an existing member in the club, who has registered their interest in being a Tri Buddy.

The Tri Buddy will be…


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