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Wetsuit testing at the Lido on Saturday morning

Hi Everybody

Our partners Dare2Tri are coming to the Lido on Saturday morning during our Lido swim session so we can try out some of their wetsuits and other kit. The last time we did this Adam from Dare2 got stuck in traffic so he was running a bit late. He will be on time this week, giving us a bit more time to try out the kit. 

Check out the full range of Dare2Tri kit here:…


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Windrush Summer Social

Hi all,

Re: Windrush Summer Social 

Where: The Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill

When: Saturday, 11th August 2018

Time: 4pm - Close


Drink - …


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New am swim session for June-July - vote now!!

Hi all, 

Given the popularity of all current swim sessions we're looking at adding another session for June and July as these are peak months for attendance (we might also extend for September, depending on how this goes). 

Could you please vote on your preferred option by completing this doodle -

Vote before this Friday (15th) at midday. We plan to start next week, please…


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Wetsuit testing - Saturday morning at the Lido

Hi everyone

Dare2Tri is a wetsuit and triathlon kit retailer that has been selling in Europe for a number of years. They have recently launched in the UK and they will be at the Lido on Saturday morning with some sample wetsuits for Windrushers to try out.

Come and give them a go if you are in the market for a new wetsuit or just keen to see how their kit compares to your current suit.

They provide other gear as well such as swim run suits, trisuits, transition bags,…


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Transition Training

Hi all!

We have now got a summer series of transition training sessions - once a month from this Saturday, 8:30am - 9:30am in Brockwell park

These sessions will share all the tips and tricks to increase your transition speed and effectiveness. Help settle nerves over transition and replicate race day with the gear and give you a chance to practice in a safe environment.

Sign up now for the first one…


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Change to pilates venue 11 June. And no swim , no velodrome on Tues 12 June

Hi all, 

The Lido is going to be completely shut from 12pm on Monday 11th June through to 5pm on Wednesday 13th June 2018 whilst they put in a larger capacity water tank to prevent the current issues of low water pressure during peak times.

Therefore Pilates is moving just down the road to the Brixton Community Base - Talma Road, Brixton, SW2 1AS - …


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Do you want to help get more people into triathlon and increase the diversity of club membership?

Hi all, as well as continuing to support existing members and improve the quality of our coaching and member support, our key objectives for 2018, as set out in the committee's annual strategy, are around: 

- Improving the diversity of membership (incl ethnic minority, junior and paratriathlete membership)
- Increasing awareness of Windrush in the local community 
- Getting more people participating in the sport. 
One of the key pieces…

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Windrush & GDPR – Yes, it impacts us too

No doubt, you are all well aware of the new GDPR legislation that comes into effect tomorrow, 25th May 2018, which updates the rules on how your personal data will be handled and how organisations are able to contact you. The Committee has been working hard to ensure all our platforms and processes operate in accordance with the new legislation.

A new Privacy Policy has been developed and can be viewed here: …


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Spin and Brick starting from this Wednesday 23rd May

Now that we have long daylight hours we are now doing run brick during the final 30mins of the Wednesday spin sessions. 

Please bring your run shoes as well as your usual spin gear from tomorrow. 

Those who are unable to run the spinner studio will still be available - however this won’t be coached, at your own risk and you still pay for the 90min session. 

Looking forward to it. See you tomorrow. 


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One place remaining on run course and S&C

Hi all

This week is the final week of strength and conditioning at the Castle, but that’s because it’s moving to its summer home of Brockwell Park from next Wednesday. Over the summer it’s body weight based so that it won’t get in the way of any races you have coming up (and so coaches don’t have to lug weights up to the top of the hill!) and is a perfect way to keep your body balanced and stable and hopefully prevent injury.

Sessions will be 7am on Wednesdays…


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Thursday Lido swim cancellations

Hi all,

Due to Luna Cinema being held at the lido we have had to cancel the following swims

24 May

21 June

27 Sept

But do not worry as you can swim in the morning at Clapham or go to Track in Tooting and work on that run!



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How to collect your Windrush membership card

Have you joined Windrush but don’t yet have your membership card? If you are going to the post race bbq in Crystal Palace this Sunday you can collect one from either Emily (coach) or Simon (swim captain).

Alternatively, you can pick up your card at the following sessions over the next couple of weeks:

Tuesday lido swim: Nick (coach) or Áine (membership secretary)

Tuesday velodrome: Becky (coach)

Wednesday morning strength and conditioning (from May…


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Run Course - Battersea AM Confirmed. Still time to vote for Tooting PM

Hi all, 

We are running the run course again! This 6 week course will get your running technique in top form, learning the fundamentals of good running technique and trying to begin to undo some of the results of modern life (poor posture, inactive glutes etc) that hold us back from being able to run as our bodies intended.

The course cost includes a 5 week run plan with run sessions for you to do each week, in addition to the course, plus some simple strength and conditioning…


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Windrush ‘official’ WhatsApp chat

Because we love to chat we have decided it is time to launch official Windrush WhatsApp groups!

As members of the Windrush family we know how important it is to feel supported and part of our family and we feel one of the ways we can help achieve this is by utilising the free instant messaging platform ‘WhatsApp’.

There are groups for general triathlon and race chat and the three disciplines to help divide the discussions and you can join them by heading …


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Welcome to our new assistant head coach, thanks Emily!

I just wanted to formally welcome and thank our new assistant head  coach, Emily Robinson, who many of you already know as one of our amazing swim coaches, and soon to be fully qualified level 2 Tri coach. 

Emily stepped in to offer her help when I was on the brink of stepping down because there was too much to do, so you can either thank her or curse her for convincing me to stay on! Either way I am immensely grateful so if you see her around, please do thank her (or buy her a…


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Summer training timetable

Hi all, 

Please find below the new summer training timetable. Anticipating some of the likely feedback: 

- sorry that velo is only fortnightly, this is the only booking we are able to get over the summer.

- sorry that there are multiple sessions on some days, there's not enough days of the week to get all the sessions we would like! Plus it's dependent on venue and coach availability.

- Please note that spin will cost 7 tokens from May in recognition that it is a…


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Vote now for Summer S&C sessions

From June S&C sessions will be moving outdoors, yey!

They will be mostly body weight and mobility  based exercises which will be great for keeping you injury free but not heavy enough to get in the way of your summer training. 

If you’re interested in taking part please fill in the attached vote so we can choose which session goes ahead. The options are based on coaches availability. Brockwell sessions will be in the park, most likely up in the middle and should give you…


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Do YOU want to race in the Windrush Aquathlon?!

As you may have seen the annual Windrush Aqauthlon is happening 24th June 2018 at Brockwell lido/park. As this is our club event we expect all club members to volunteer to help out on the day - look out for the event soon to sign up as a volunteer at this fun morning.

But we have two options to race, firstly we have 6 newbie spots for any person who joined Windrush after July 1st 2017. If you are a newbie and want to race email me at with your name. We will…


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February/March Race kit order READY FOR COLLECTION!

Race kit can now be ordered through the below link.  If you would like to try a sample size on let me know.  We'll try and get someone in the club who already has kit to let you try or we can get it from Champsystems. 

Attached are prices and further information on how to order.

Price List …


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Membership cards

Firstly if you have a membership card, please make sure that you show it to get entry to training (incl Saturday swim) at venues such as the Lido which ask to see it. 

If you have joined but dont yet have a membership card please try and come along to one of the following sessions to pick one up (just let Lido staff know you're there to pick up your card and they should be fine to let you through):

- Saturday swim - swim captain Simon Markall should be there with cards



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