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As you may have heard there has been a recent unfortunate trend of member's bicycles being stolen outside our very own Brockwell Lido. Whilst we would all agree it would be nice for both Lido management and Police to take a more proactive approach to deterring thieves, our belongings are ultimately our responsibility. Here are a few pointers to making sure your bike stays safe:

- Use a "Gold" rated D-Lock (e.g. Kryptonite / Abus etc. Insurance often void without one)

- Accompany your D-Lock with a cable for your wheels: more security = longer to steal

- Your D-Lock should go through your rear seat stays and wheel, whilst the cable can be wrapped around the front wheel and frame into the D lock

- Use a dedicated bike stand; if they're all full, take the extra time to find another one nearby instead of taking a risk. Being 5 minutes late is preferable to a missing bike on your return

- Make a note of any CCTV cameras and ensure your bike is within view, use well-lit areas if night time

- If blessed by a choice of bikes at home, consider reserving your 'nice' bikes for club rides / races. Have a dedicated commuter bike that won't stick out like an expensive sore thumb amongst other bikes.

- There are additional deterrents / hacks that may help but aren't recommended - things like opening QR skewers (remember to close before riding off!) can make it that bit harder to run off with your bike.

- Get insurance - all the above may still not be able to stop the most persistant of thieves. Bicycle-specific provides some significant consolation (emotionally and financially) in the event of a disaster. Everyone has their preference but popular providers are Yellow Jersey and Laka (discounts available through Windrush / British Triathlon / British Cycling Membership). Such insurance will also protect you during races both domestically and abroad, personal injury aid, 3rd party indemnity and so on. It pays for itself over time and is an absolute must

Hopefully some of these pointers help keep your beloved bicycle safe! If anyone has any further pointers please add them into the replies.


Jack and Gesine

Cycling Captains

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