Cross Country 2022/23 Season


Hi Everyone


Cross country is back for the 2022/23 season wahoooo! The first race is 15th October at Reigate Priory Park, start times TBC.


For those who haven’t experienced these races before, it is a league with 4 races at various locations around south London/Surrey. The races are through woods/ fields/ parks…often with hills, ditches and mud (weather dependent!). The ladies races are about 6k and the mens about 8k. The varied terrain means its all about finishing/ catching the person ahead of you rather than any focus on time.


The club competes as a team, with the first 4 (women) or 10 (men) across the line scoring, with the aim of having the lowest total score. As a result the more people we have in the teams the better as then pushes other competitors further down the ranking. But the main thing about cross country for Windrush is doing something as a team, and supporting each other with cake/beer afterwards! We get docked points if we don’t field full teams so another reason to get as many people involved as possible.


This year the male and female races are happening on the same day at the same location which will be brilliant for having even more team fun, and supporters.


The club very kindly pays the league entry for the season.


So how to get involved….


1) Arrange England Athletics (for insurance reasons) herevia My Clubhouse for £16.42 or 16 training tokens for a year membership- this also gives you race entry discounts and the chance to be in the London Marathon club place draw.
2) Sign Up to the My Clubhouse event for the first raceshere (mens) or here (ladies) for the race so you can be allocated a number. You can do as many of the races as you want / can, so if you cant make the first one just sign up for the ones you can and we will make sure in advance that you have a number allocated. If you are new to the league we will get in touch to request your EA number and DOB in order to register you with the league
3) Join the XC whats app group here for sorting logistics like transport
4) Kit- Get your hands on a Windrush tshirt or vest (if you don’t have one there will be one you can borrow if you message on the whats app group) so you can be identified and cheered on! The races can be done in normal trainers if the weather has been dry, if there has been rain normal trainers would be a bit of an extra challenge. Trail shoes or cross country spikes are helpful


The other dates to keep free are below, with the location of the races and start times still TBC:

12th November 2022

14th January 2023

11th February 2023


There is potential for a club trip to the regional and national cross country events which we will keep you posted on!


Please get in touch with any queries, really excited to get back to these races!


James, Flo & Sara

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