Love triathlon and computers, why not join the committee?

Hello fellow Windies,

After what will be 4 years of service I have decided to hang up the keyboard and not stand again for the IT Officer role.  I've really enjoyed my time in the role and it has been amazing to work alongside such dedicated and enthusiastic individuals while trying to help the club grow from strength to strength. It's a fabulous opportunity to give back to the club and get to know more people than you might do just by training and racing.  

Here is a quick low down of the role:

MyClubhouse management
Work with other groups in the club (Coaching, membership, kit etc) to keep MyClubhouse up-to-date and working efficiently. Don't worry, there is no software development required, we have full support from the application vendor. The vendor is very responsive and always willing to help if we need to do something that is not obvious.

Forum management
Hardly takes up much time at all. A little bit of user administration and moderating is all that is required.

Club email
We use Google Workspace. Understanding how email/dns works would be useful but not essential. I'll ensure all the domains are renewed for many years before I finish up. Basic user admin is all that is required.

Main website 
We use Squarespace as a hosting partner but since that's all setup it is very easy to manage. Just need to help update the content occasionally. 

It might sound like a lot but it isn't too arduous. All these systems have been in place for some time so it's really just adding to them as the club evolves. I am partway through writing an instruction manual. Also, I am not leaving the club so will be always available to help with any questions that might come up.

Feel free to WhatsApp me if you have any questions or are interested in the role. I'd be happy very to for a pint with laptop in hand to show anyone around the systems if you think you might be keen.



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