Want more club rides? Then volunteer to become a ride leader!

We know from the recent survey and speaking to club members that lots of you would like to have more regular club rides, which is fantastic (who doesn’t want to get out on their bike more?) In order for us to offer rides more regularly, on the same weekends each month, we need people to volunteer to be ride leaders. The more people who volunteer, the more club rides we can offer! The bike captains give you all the support you need and there is training available too. 

From January 2022 we’d like to offer fortnightly club rides (on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month). We can only do this if we have at least 10 volunteer ride leaders. We’ve already had 5 people sign up so far, so this is looking hopeful :-)

On the 2nd Sunday of each month we will also offer a newbie ride - for those new to group riding or the club, or who simply want a shorter ride (this will be to Richmond Park or taking a train out to do a 40km~ loop). 

From May 2022 in the summer season we’d like to offer club rides every Sunday. But we can only do this if we have 20 volunteer ride leaders. So if you want more club rides and you’ve done some group riding before, sign up to become a ride leader! It’s also a great way to give something back to the club. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Agree to lead one club ride in the 2022 season (you can of course do more if you want!) You pick the Sunday that suits you on the rota. All rides leave from Brockwell Lido cafe at 9am
  • Choose the route for the ride (we have a list of 10 tried and tested routes you can choose from, or pick your own) and have a device to navigate
  • Brief everyone on the route (any sections to watch out for, e.g. steep climbs/descents, sharp bends, busy roads) and remind everyone of how to ride safely in a group (hand signals and etiquette)
  • Split people into groups according to rough speed if there are more than 6. As the ride leader, you should always be prepared to ride with the slowest rider(s) and split the faster riders off (checking they can navigate).

What we’re looking for in a ride leader:

  • You know how to ride safely in a group (e.g. you’ve been on a few club rides, you come to velodrome sessions or have ridden with other cyclists in groups and understand safety and group riding etiquette) 
  • You’re used to going on rides of 3-4 hours in length (60-80km with a stop) - but you don’t need to be a fast cyclist. 
  • You can follow a route (although we always encourage everyone to have the route and help navigate) 
  • You’re reliable, friendly and welcoming 

Everyone on the ride is responsible for their own bike and fixing their own punctures (although we always wait and help each other out). 

What the bike captains will help you with:

  • We’ll set up and manage the event on Myclubhouse
  • We’ll manage the club ride rota - you can choose your date
  • We’ll make sure you have briefing guidance (coming soon)
  • We’ll share the list of tried and tested routes with you - with cafe stops (coming soon)
  • And give you additional support over the phone/whatsapp if need be

There is also the option of going on a training course that the club will pay for, which is a fantastic opportunity, do say if you'd be interested in this. And you can co-lead with another person if you prefer, or for your first time. 

Any questions, comment on here or ask Fran or Henry (your bike captains) on WhatsApp. 

SIGN UP now to become a ride leader by putting your name down on the rota here

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