What? This is a team challenge inspired by the transcontinental race: teams of 4 will collectively complete 4200km during March 2021. Fastest team wins.

Who? Teams of 4 windrushers (seniors and juniors). You can either self-select your own team or asked to be assigned to one. Please contact me with your team details or to ask to be assigned to a team by Friday 26 February.

How? You can complete the challenge by swimming, cycling, running or any combination of these 3. To make it fair and more accessible to runners and swimmers, distances completed by running and swimming will be weighted in line with the ratios in a standard triathlon (i.e. 1500m swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run). This means that 1 run km will equal 4 bike km and 1 swim km will equal 26 bike km. The spreadsheet will convert these for you, you just need to enter your distances for each.

Why? Fun, massive kudos, exercise and branded merchandise! Each member of the winning team will win a branded Contingo thermal bike mug for those cold days (juniors will win Windrush Water Bottles). 


Juniors can enter as a junior team or as a mixed team with adults. All juniors (in junior or mixed teams) will have their distance doubled. Please indicate which teams/team members are juniors and the spreadsheet formula will be altered to double their figures. The winning junior team (either completing the whole distance first or completing the furthest distance, whichever is sooner) and juniors on a winning mixed team, will win Windrush Water Bottles.

Completing the spreadsheet

Access the spreadsheet here. Go to your Team Tab (the teams are at the bottom). You will be assigned your team number after 26 February 2021.

Record the distance you completed separately in each discipline for each day of the month using the columns with your name. For swim, enter whole 100 metres only with no rounding up (e.g. 175m swim = 100 metres). For bike/run enter whole kilometres only with no rounding up (e.g 87.8 kilometres = 87km). Do not touch the totals columns, these will automatically updateJuniors are to record their distances without doubling, the spreadsheet will double these automatically.


  • No one other than you and your teammates can complete the activity (no attaching your watch to your pets/non team members)
  • Your activity must be logged on Strava and you must be a member of the Windrush Club Strava (for juniors, please allow them to use your tracking device)
  • You must manual enter your activity on the spreadsheet here. Please add your exercise promptly so we can follow your progress and determine the winner!
  • Whole km for bike and run only. Whole 100m for swimming only. No rounding up.
  • Turbo and treadmill sessions count. Swimming with cords does not.
  • All exercise must be within government guidelines or it won’t count


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