Brick session 27 October will be uncoached


Just to let you know that tonight's session at Broackwell lido will be uncoached.

This is owing to Jonathan's last minute good fortune in securing funding to head to Australia to take part in IM Western Australia, taking in 70.3 Taiwan on route!!

Jonathan expects to be back with us in December and we are coming up with an interim solution to cover his absence. However, tonight could not be covered so please find below a session plan for you to print off and follow. The bikes at the Lido are still ours to use so please take advantage of them.

I'd also like to take the opportinuty to say a massive good luck to Jonathan in his races.



· Warm-up 10 min easy to medium

· 3 x 30 sec with 30 sec rest

· Spin 1 minute Easy to medium

· 10 min tech set

- 10 x 30 sec alternate foot medium

- 10 x 15 sec super spin (low resistance HIGH cadence) with 15 sec rest

· Spin 2 min easy

· 2 x 3 min race pace with 1 min rest at medium to hard = 6/10

· 2 x 2 min race pace with 45 sec rest at hard = 7/10

· 2 x 1 min race pace with 30 sec rest at hardest = 8/10

· Repeat previous 3 sets but change efforts to be B(ig) G(ear) work. Cadence of 75 for 3mins reps, 70 for 2mins reps, 65 for 1mins reps.

· Spin 2 min easy

· 3 x 20 sec sprint with 40 sec rest at hard

· Cool down 5 – 10 min

When it says “hardest” it doesn’t mean your absolute hardest, but the hardest in this session. Take note of the effort out of 10 levels and try to go for them.

Also remember, the BG gear work, should be taxing on you legs, but not your lungs and heart.

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Comment by Martin on October 27, 2010 at 14:08
Yep - start time is 7.30 as always. You only need split the group if more people arrive than there are bikes (around 19), so you should be okay.


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