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Feeling tired?

Well, we all do this, especially when training a lot, like a marathon? Of course, the legs will feel a bit heavy the next day. And covid, all that underlying stress and anxiety saps the energy. And I always had a bit low blood pressure, especially as a teenager, this just happens. Perhaps I’m over training? Why does this feel so hard?

These things went through my head last summer when I found training increasingly getting harder and rest didn’t help. I still did it, but had no push,…


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Cross country (XC) is back!

After a years hiatus, thanks to you know what, the Surrey XC league is back, bigger and better than ever! For those new to the club, XC is a four-race series that pits us against other running and triathlon clubs in South London and Surrey. 

This is a great way to keep up your running throughout the winter. It's sociable, relaxed and you don't need to be a fast runner to take part. The more Windrushers we have, the better we score, so as with all sport, the more the…


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Notice of AGM & Request for Nominations - 4th November 2021

Hello fellow Windrushers!

This is your formal notice that the Windrush Triathlon Club AGM is taking place on Thursday 4th November 2021 at 19:00.

Please sign up below to allow us to book the correct venue for the number. Please do this by the 4th October! Click here to sign up now!

Venue TBC.

The end of the triathlon season is almost here and so is…


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Love triathlon and computers, why not join the committee?

Hello fellow Windies,

After what will be 4 years of service I have decided to hang up the keyboard and not stand again for the IT Officer role.  I've really enjoyed my time in the role and it has been amazing to work alongside such dedicated and enthusiastic individuals while trying to help the club grow from strength to strength. It's a fabulous opportunity to give back to the club and get to know more people than you might do just by training and racing.  

Here is a quick low…


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2021 Membership Card: Plastic-Free, Convenient & Sustainable

Hi all,

Last year we said goodbye to our plastic membership cards in favour of a more sustainable and convenient 

solution:a digital membership card which you can store on your phone.

Windrush uses electronic membership cards to gain access to venues and get discounts from vendors. The latest membership card can be downloaded from MyClubhouse. Simply log in to MyClubhouse…


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Want to get involved with coaching?

We are on the look out for new coaches to join our amazing team to help deliver and run sessions to help support the clubs growing plans and potential!

If you are interested and want to find out more please drop Head Coach Rebecca an email.

What the club requires:

  • You are able to commit to at least 1…

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England Athletics - Athlete Registration for 2021-2022

The window for (re-)registration as an England Athletics member is now open.

The portal for renewing (or buying) your EA membership is now open for the 21-22 season. As you'll see below EA have extended the renewal window until 31st August. But please do renew as soon as you are able. For the 2021/22 year, from 1 April 2021, the fee for athlete registration will remain at £15 (for the fifth consecutive year). We add a small fee on MyClubhouse to cover the payment…


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Respecting the name Windrush - Research Report

Please find attached a report on the research done this year into the name of club.


This is just one aspect of the work the committee and the diversity officers are doing to ensure the club and the sport of triathlon is open and accessible to all. There is of course a lot more we can be doing in this space and will continue to… Continue

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Windrush Open Water Swimming Guidelines


Some open water swimming venues are starting to reopen which is great for those of us who have been missing being in the water! Open water can include rivers, lakes, natural pools and the sea. There is a big difference between swimming in a pool and swimming outdoors, which comes with its own set of dangers. As a British Triathlon affiliated club, we encourage following their…


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Windrush ‘official’ WhatsApp chat

Because we love to chat we have decided it is time to launch official Windrush WhatsApp groups!

As members of the Windrush family we know how important it is to feel supported and part of our family and we feel one of the ways we can help achieve this is by utilising the free instant messaging platform ‘WhatsApp’.

There are groups for general triathlon and race chat and the three disciplines to help divide the discussions and you can join them by heading …


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