Online training FAQs and Health and Safety guidelines


How much do the sessions cost?

  • The sessions all cost 2 tokens which you can purchase from the MyClubHouse shop (you also need to have 2020 membership).

Do I need specific kit?

  • For most sessions you can replace kit needed (e.g. weights = tin cans) apart from the bike sessions where you need a static bike to train (turbo, spin or watt bike). If you need help in purchasing one - ask in the cycling WhatsApp group.
  • For the Zwift session you will need a Zwift membership

Why is there a limit on numbers?

  • The numbers are following BTF guidelines which insure us to do activities as a club.

Can I make requests for the pilates/S&C sessions?

  • Yes! Just message Audrey, Rachel or with your requests.

Do I have to share my camera and audio?

  • No! If you would prefer to hide your camera feed and/or audio thats completely up to you.
  • The coach will provide feedback on your technique if you do share your video feed.

Why can't I sign up in the hour before?

  • The deadline is 60mins before a session to sign up otherwise you will miss the email from the coach with the session details.

Can I turn up late?

  • We ask you to turn up 5-10mins earlier to the sessions to make it easier for the group and especially the coach.
  • If it is a Zwift session it is easy to miss the start so we highly recommend you start 20mins early to make sure its all set up and ready to go.

Do I get a refund if I can’t go?

  • Our usual refund policy will apply
    • Morning sessions = minimum of 12hrs notice
    • Evening sessions = minimum of 24hrs notice
  • If you can’t go we ask you to free up the session for those on the waiting list and if you don’t attend the session but still on the list we may restrict to future sessions.

How does Zwift work for coached sessions?

  • See here for all the instructions.

Why is the session signup cut off 60mins before the session starts?

  • The coach emails out instructions prior to the start and will do this up to an hour before the session starts to allow you enough time to enable you to setup.

What if I live in a house with other Windrush members? Can we use the same feed?

  • We ask all athletes to sign up individually.
  • It is up to you whether you use the same screen/video feed!
  • Kids are also welcome to join our S&C sessions for free.

Why does this cost 2 tokens when I can do this free via other sources?

  • This is a coached session where our coaches will be interacting with you personally and giving feedback when appropriate. 
  • We are also supporting our self employed coaches and keeping them employed during these challenging times!

Heath and safety guidelines:

Turbo Sessions

Whether you wish to set up your turbo trainer fresh every time to save space or have your designated area for getting your turbo on, you’re going to have to learn to set it up properly at some point. Check out our list below on how to properly set up your turbo trainer for the best results:

  • Find a suitable flat area in your home that allows enough space for you and your turbo equipment. If your area isn’t flat, you’ll find you’re rocking about.
  • Place your turbo trainer on a floormat (if you have one).  This not only stops damage to the surface but can also apply more stability to your turbo trainer. Plus, it stops you slipping in a puddle of sweat when you’re done working out.
  • Fit your bike to your turbo trainer.  Each model with have different fitting processes, please check with the manufacturer’s instructions. (For example - on a wheel-on trainer, you fix your rear wheel in the trainer with two simple clicks. For a direct drive trainer, you remove your rear wheel and mount your bike directly on the cassette mounted on the trainer. You place the trainer between the dropouts of your bike and secure it with a quick release or a thru-axle. Tighten up each fixing and ensure your rear wheel has contact with the roller if your trainer has one. Sometimes the best connectivity with trainers with rollers is only provided once weight is applied to the bike.)
  • During an indoor session make sure you have water, a towel, comfortable cycling clothing and shoes (optional heart rate monitor, power meter, cadence and speedo) 

Indoor S&C / Pilates / Run Sessions

Play it safe and reduce your risk of injury

  • Begin slowly with low-intensity exercises
  • Dress appropriately loose comfortable breathable clothing
  • Wear appropriate shoes/footwear your activity.
  • Warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when exercising indoors
  • use an exercise mat where possible
  • make sure the area is big enough for the exercise that you are doing
  • move things like tables and chairs out of the way (unless you are using them as part of the exercise programme)
  • check that any equipment that you use if fit for purpose.
  • Drink water before, during, and after your workout session, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • If you have specific health conditions, discuss your exercise and physical activity plan with your health care provider.

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