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Can't see you favourite training session online yet?

If you're looking to book a training session and can't see it online yet it's probably because it's a session that is still booked via the forum. 
It's only sessions on trial on our new session booking site (velo, spin, Thurs am swim and S&C) that are live now.

From Monday 5/2, every Windrush training session will be managed through MyClubhouse. Remember, events on MyClubhouse open for…


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Windrush Seminar Series

Whilst we are still in the winter months what better way to support your training than coming along to hear some top tips from some of our professionals.  We have the following talks coming up.  They are open to everyone and the speakers are more than happy to answer any questions as well as show you some practical ways to support your training and racing.  For more information and to book a place see the links below. …


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Calling all new members – come along to the Intro to Tri evening

New to Windrush or triathlon? Signed up for a race but not quite sure what to do next? Or joined Windrush months ago but not quite braved a training session yet?

We’ll be hosting our first Intro to tri evening of 2018 on Wednesday 31 January at The Florence (Herne Hill). Come along to hear more about Windrush, our training sessions and events, how to book sessions, how you should go about preparing for your first race, how to train, what to wear and…


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We hope you all had a great time on Saturday! Massive thanks to Steve - our social captain for organising - awesome work!

We just wanted to shout out to all our award winners again (Just in case you missed it on Saturday night) All these hard working award winners have won a beautiful trophy and 3 free training sessions (just to keep you fit and fighting for prizes next year, which have already been uploaded to…


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parkrun mobmatch series!

All, one of our favourite events of prior years is back!

A mobmatch is a super-simple and fun league where the winning club is the one who fields the most runners, not the fastest...

Who fancies racing CPT, Chasers, Tritons, Ful-on, Optima, Kingfisher and many more over a series of 3 races?

Race dates and locations are listed below. They are now also posted on MyClubhouse so please click on the link and sign up to register…


Added by Lloyd Collier on January 15, 2018 at 14:00 — 20 Comments

Pilot phase for online sign up and payment for training (updated)

Hopefully everyone has seen the email letting you know we have moved to the next phase of the new website roll-out. This pilot testing will last for a few weeks, and once we are happy everything is working as expected for the pilot events (velodrome, spin and Thursday swim), we will roll out the online sign-up and payment for the remaining training sessions. We are hoping all training sessions will be administered using MyClubhouse…


Added by Rob Weinert-Aplin on January 12, 2018 at 8:00 — 2 Comments

New swim and S&C sessions

Hi all, 

We've just added 2 new sessions to the winter timetable:

 - a new swim session on Wednesdays 8.30-9.30pm at Streatham Leisure Centre, coached by Emily and Nick (yes, I know it's another late one, sorry but it's impossible to get pool space any earlier)

- a strength and conditioning session on Friday mornings 7-8am at the Castle Leisure Centre (Elephant and Castle), coached by me. 

As with all sessions, they're both open to everyone, only condition is…


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Your 2017 achievements

Hello wonderful Windrushers!!!

It is that time of year again when you get the opportunity to tell us what you did in 2017 that made you proud.

I would absolutely love it if you could tell me what you did in 2017 which made you proud. This could be anything. (Windrush / sport related of course) It could be a mad cap icy iron distance race in the Arctic (see Mr Barclay) or it could be your first Parkrun finish. It could be one length of a moderately cold lido on Christmas morning…


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Happy New (Membership) Year

Greetings Windrush members new and old. The new year is now upon us so it's time to pay your 2018 Windrush membership (thank you to those who have already done so). Membership is an annual fee of £30 (£15 for students, £5 for juniors) running by the calendar year (therefore it expires at the end of December each year). The membership fee helps towards the day-to-day running of the club and enables us to keep the session fees affordable. There are so many …


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